Capricorn Horoscope TODAY

22 Dec - 19 Jan

Capricorn today: Your horoscope for the January 17, 2020

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You have understood many things since the Sun began its journey through your sign. These have been very intense days of changes, with good and bad news. You'll no longer be the same, Capricorn, and that's why it's time for you to hear the messages that destiny brings you.

If you’ve managed to communicate your feelings, you'll know how to embrace what comes to you in terms of relationships. Whether you're in a relationship or if you're starting something new, you'll know how to use the influence of the moon on the sign of Scorpio from tonight, which gives you a mysterious and sensual character.

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Your dreams aren't so complex to fulfil if you step cautiously on the paths that appear, Capricorn.

Some people will also propose work-related issues that resemble what you wish for in your life, but you'll have to pay a lot of attention to the details so that no one deceives you.

If you stop worrying about what's missing in your life, you'll attract gifts to your material life. The important thing is to learn to give your heart to the opportunities that open up before your eyes while still taking care of the specific issues of the present.


The stress of daily life will exhaust you. You'll need to accompany your current vital process with natural tools Capricorn, and there's nothing better than learning to breathe calmly.

When you know your body you learn to improve your health every day. Many cultures pay attention to their breathing as a source of health and energy.

Deep breathing helps you stay younger because you manage to oxygenate each cell consciously.