Capricorn Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Saturday 1st September

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Capricorns are well known for holding a grudge and not forgetting those that have hurt them. If in the past you've gotten into a fight with a partner, it's very unlikely that you've forgiven them for what they did way back when.

Taking things too much to heart is irrational, Capricorn, however, it's a tendency that's very much connected to your sign and something that you should fight against if you really want to be able to move on.

Although you're capable of giving second chances, deep down you'll always remember why you were offended and you'll need a lot of proof that this person is really sorry in order to actually forgive them. 

Today you'll run into someone that hurt you in the past and offended and betrayed you with their actions. Will you be able to get over this matter for once and for all, or will you show that you're the most stubborn one of all? 


Today you should reflect on a new reality that's come about in your work environment. You have a lot of eyes on you, waiting to see how you react and what they can really expect from you as a professional.

If you combine your professional knowledge with a bit of originality and risk, you can prove that you're capable of going further than even you have ever imagined.

Keep dreaming fearlessly about this raise or promotion to a position higher up, since you deserve it and it will come sooner or later.


Today the side of you will come out that sometimes makes you think that everything will go horribly, Capricorn. This feeling will come about when you meet again face to face with painful memories from the past.

The best way to free yourself from this feeling is to talk it out and express all of the words that you didn't say back in the day. If you open your heart and you express yourself freely, you'll feel like you've lifted a weight off of your back that you've been carrying for a long time now. 

Emotional insecurity and this lack of self-esteem that we all are guilty of at some point in our lives will appear. So, take note and remember over the course of the day today to fight this tendency that threatens to ruin your day.