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Full Capricorn Magic Horoscope Forecast for Thursday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 13th September
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You don't consider yourself to be a pessimistic person, but sometimes you really act as if you were one, Capricorn. In fact, especially in love, you tend to get carried away with this and this is the biggest mistake that your sign makes.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, known as the great planet of Karma and life lessons, that belongs to intelligent people that know how to overcome any situation.

However, you can't help but fall into pessimism every once in a while. Because of this, if you've ever had a bad experience in love, later, it's hard for you to open up your heart again, and give love another chance.


The passion that you put into the things that you do, specifically in the workplace, is a fundamental ingredient in your daily life. If you didn't like the job that you do, it would be really hard for you to wake up in the morning, and facing the workday would be a nightmare.

When you have so much determination, nothing can go wrong. This is the spirit that will be present in those born under the Capricorn sign, that are taking exams or in the midst of a selection process to take on an important new role.

Everything related to academics will go wonderfully, and according to Magic Horoscope, Capricorn students will get good grades, as long as they possess the two main ingredients: effort and passion.


A couple of drinks after work or a long day of studying can make a difference, Capricorn. You'll want to disconnect, and today you'll have the perfect chance, but don't get too carried away by the influence of friends, or you'll end up not being able to function the following day.

Going out for a drink isn't a bad thing, but it becomes one if you're out for so long that it's hard for you to take up the routine and normality again. Hours later you'll be met with a feeling of regret and serious trouble concentrating.

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