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Capricorn Magic Horoscope for 14th September

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Taking a step towards a relationship that doesn't seem stable - or at least, that doesn't really fit in with your interests - isn't a good idea. It's best to take little steps and get to know the other person well, just like you usually do in these cases.

The fact that you want to overcome your fears from the past and show that you want to give love a chance doesn't mean rushing things or that you have to take decisions too lightly. This also doesn't mean going for the first person that you meet.

As you know, you have to put wood on the fire slowly in order to get a good flame blazing and that will keep burning the entire winter. The same is true for love, Capricorn: you can't expect a relationship to be established before the right time comes.


You have each step that you take calculated: you know that you do everything for a purpose, for a reason, and that it brings you towards a goal. Although you still aren't able to see this, you'll focus your attention in a professional direction that will be highly beneficial.

If you're starting to take your first steps in the sector, it would be a good idea to meet someone with experience that can orient you a little and guide you in your beginnings.

Just think that if you have the chance to get help from someone that, in a certain way, can advise you, you'll have an advantage that many probably won't have. Also, this will give you access to information and knowledge that others don't possess.


Your favorite song could be made up of fragments and choruses that more than a dozen other songs on your favorite list have.

The music that we listen to says a lot about who we are, Capricorn. In this sense, it could even change depending on what point we're at in our lives.

The soundtrack to our lives isn't always the same, there are times when we need something fast paced and others when we need something a bit calmer. Today, choose one that will make you jump with joy.

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