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Many tense situations in love or confrontations are hard to see coming, but you should keep being careful and try to avoid arguments with natives of Leo, as well as Aquarius, that seem to be especially susceptible today.

Your compatibility levels continue to be high and this is good news for you on the plane of love and emotions. As far as friendships go, maybe you'll be surprised when suddenly many of your friends start contacting you asking for advice or inviting you to do something with them.

Clearing your mind and enjoying some leisure time will do you wonders. That's the way it is, don't turn down any plans that are proposed to you.


At work, it seems like you'll finally get what you've been waiting so long for, as long as you remember that in order to do this you need to listen and keep certain information that you'll get thanks to a coworker in mind.

Be receptive like the cosmos told you this past Tuesday. Although currently, you don't think you're earning a proper salary for someone in your field, you're on your way to economic success.

Slowly you'll start getting promotions and becoming more and more successful in your company. Along with this, of course, your conditions will improve as well.

Because of this, the key today that you have to remember is the following: don't give up.


Staying mentally attached to a situation that's already past doesn't do you any favors. Not accepting the fact that time has gone by, and that with it, things have changed, will only chain you to the past and leave you stuck in constant nostalgia.

Make the most of this seriousness and reason that's naturally acquired by Capricorns. This will allow you to see reality in the clearest of ways and to bring your mind up to date, to the present moment, allowing you to reach your goals with security and confidence.