Horoscope for Those Born Under the Capricorn Sign for Saturday 18th August by Magic Horoscope

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- Love
- Money
- Health


The second half of August has brought you a touch of responsibility and dilligence that has made you capable of determining what you want in your love life and what you don't.

This will be marked especially in those Capricorns that are single and that have decided to allow themselves to get to know someone new in the hopes that they'll be able to share their lives with this person.

In the case of those that are in relationships, today it seems that you'll have an interesting chat where you'll cross your t's and dot your i's when it comes to certain situations that are bothersome or uncomfortable. There's nothing better than sharing your worries in love when it comes to solving your problems.


The fire signs - like Leo, Aries, and Saggitarius - are going through a phase where they trust themselves more and they're more determined, and this could affect you in a positive way as long as there's someone that shares your sign in the workplace.

This means that if your boss is a native of one of these signs, they'll make a decision that will be highly favorable for you. For example, a raise or they could give you a raise or make a change that you've been asking a long time for.

On the other hand, you should be cautious since although their decisions are more likely to be postive, there's also the posibility that they could decide to turn down one of your projects or leave you out of certain matters.


Making decisions when it comes to your health that are solely and exculsively based on what's best for you isn't something that you tend to do, but you should think about doing this more often.

Generally speaking, you tend to deprive yourself of certain things to garentee the well-being of others. How many times have you cancelled a plan that you wanted to go through with because you hand to take care of someone else?

Today you can allow yourself 'the luxury' of making this change and finding the fulfillment and calmness that you need through choices that are based on what's best for you.