Capricorn Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Monday 20th August by Magic Horoscope

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You feel that you have control over your emotional destiny and this couldn't be more pleasing to you Capricorn.

The phase where you were filled with doubts and hesitations when it comes to your feelings and others' is in the past, which is why you'll feel like you've lifted a heavy burden from your back.

The good thing that you'll get out of these days of confusion is that having doubts can also be positive, at least when it allows you to see different options and once it's done, you can make a decision that you can back up with clear and convincing judgment.


The time has come to make decisions that will mark the way that the rest of your year will go as far as work goes, Capricorn, and the truth is that there couldn't have been a better time for this.

You as well as others that share your element - natives of Virgo and Taurus - are moving into a phase of solidity when it comes time to make decisions, which means that you're capable of visualizing which is the best path that you can take without regretting the decisions that you've chosen.


You should keep better track of the foods that you're eating, Capricorn. It wouldn't be going too far to cut back a bit on the quantity of salt that you eat daily and even attempt to substitute this for something else.

There are aromatic herbs like basil, cumin, laurel, and thyme that you could spice up your dishes with and make up for this lack of flavor that you experience when you eat your meals without salt.

On the other hand, there are also other natural substitutes like garlic, onion, and chive. Try to make this change progressively, over time, you'll start to get used to the new flavors and in the long-term, your health will be noticeably improved.