Full Capricorn Magic Horoscope Forecast for Friday

Your Health, Money, and Love Horoscope for Today, 24th August
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The moon's influence over your sign will activate your imagination, and this could be very useful, especially on a sexual level.

Make the most of the positive aspects of the moon's movement that, together with the position of the planet Jupiter, will give you the opportunity to see reality from a new and refreshing point of view that will motivate you to do everything that comes across your mind.

This will also be a wonderful Friday if you have something that you need to confess to your partner or to give important news to your family members.

It will also be a very positive day for all of those Capricorns that have to discuss a delicate topic with someone that they're close to.


This Friday you should force yourself to work your hardest and carry out your tasks since this day could seem like a bit of an uphill battle.

This attitude will be what allows you to have a more manageable day, and to move forward at the workplace. Today, someone may subtly glance at you and, without you realizing it, they'll be evaluating you for a possible job offer that could be related to a raise or a change of position.

If you're an unemployed Capricorn, don't fret: remember that everything will come in due time and that you have to keep pushing, asking questions, making calls, and looking for the offers that attract you the most.


The time has come to keep pushing yourself to give your body and mind more rest. Now that you've started to take the first steps in meditation, don't give up, and keep moving forward on this path that you're just beginning to discover.

Exercises and activities like yoga, meditation, or Taichi could be very beneficial since they bring the harmony and balance that you need so badly, to both your body and mind.