Capricorn Magic Horoscope for This Coming Monday, September 3rd

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Monday
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During this new moth, part of your energy will come from the moon's influence, that as you know allows you to understand things better. Your feelings will become more rational and you'll lose the impulsiveness that characterized you over the past few weeks, but you'll be more realistic and sensible.

Also, today someone that's a close family member, like a child, brother, or even a beloved friend, will make a confession to you, and you should listen to them receptively and with an open mind.

It's your duty to listen to, support, and help this person, leave your critiques and judgments behind. These should become something positive that allows you to give them some advice or to warn them of any problems that they could run into.


You'll grow a lot professionally, Capricorn, but like with everything, change won't happen overnight. Today, a coworker will look for you to ask you for help in an important matter and you shouldn't walk away even if the person in question isn't exactly your favorite.

Your direct and rational personality will help you to conquer an area that seemed impossible to you before and this person will be the key that allows you to access this path.

Don't forget that life and circumstances are temporary, Capricorn. Everything is passing and it's at the end of each phase of our life that we realize that, in the end, we reap what we sow.


You won't run into any health problems, but the position of Magic Horoscope's cosmos in relation to your sign reveals the arrival of a series of frequent hospital visits that will take place over the course of the next few days.

This could be because of a family member that's about to have a surgery or maybe someone close to you has gotten into an accident. In any case, stay alert and have your phone close by just in case.