Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



If you are single, it seems like this new circle of friends that you've started to become a part of will be very beneficial to you on an emotional level, Capricorn. 

You are going to meet someone that will change the way that you experience love, probably a Pisces or Scorpio, that tend to be very intense and romantic when it comes to love and they will open you up to new experiences and feelings unknown to you previously.

If you are in a relationship, don't miss out on the opportunity to socialize and make new friends in order to spend more time with him or her. It is just as important to you to have friends as it is for you to be in a relationship, so don't abandon your friends because of this.


New contacts unknown to you will come up today since personal relationships will be at the forefront. You will find yourself in new situations that will give you the opportunity to change jobs or to obtain one if you're unemployed. 

Open your eyes and don't let these opportunities escape you. If you're an unemployed Capricorn, the offer that you receive may not be the one you've always dreamed of, however, this position could become a bridge to a stable position that you will feel very comfortable in with time.


Ignoring your health and falling into self-indulgence that is harmful to you will turn into a matter that will worry you a lot throughout the day today, Capricorn. 

You'll also feel guilty since you were unable to stick to your own goals, and you won't like having to face the consequences of your actions at all either.  

Living in fear of the negative consequences of your actions in the long-term will also cause you problems - like anxiety, among others - that will take a toll on your mood.