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It feels like you're living in a soap opera. Your love life is more thrilling than that of all the other signs put together! You have a unique character that allows you to see life from a different perspective than most people. Furthermore, you have spent most of your life building up walls around you (as a means of protecting yourself from possible harm) which is now a hindrance for those who want to know the real you. 


It's unbelievable how much you struggle with trusting people. Why is this, Capricorn? Most people have never betrayed you or given you any reasons to distrust them. It's true that nothing compares to your loyalty, and the beginning of this week will help you realize that if you want to have successful emotional relationships, you have to accept the fact that people have different values to yours. 


The stars are urging you to be careful this week and be aware of potential love triangles and third persons interfering in your life, as this will be a threat in the next six days. Before you make any decisions that you might regret, think about your actions carefully although it's apparent that you should always speak from the heart. The most important thing is not to harm anyone that has been good to you. 




The forecast for the week ahead is favorable, and even though you might not become a millionaire, your work projects will be successful. Slowly but surely, your hard work and professionalism are paying off and propelling you closer to your goals. 


Despite this, you still need to learn some valuable lessons about overcoming your consumerism especially because the Christmas holidays are upon us. You will notice this, especially on Wednesday. 


The rest of the week, however, you'll be able to enjoy a much more excellent atmosphere in your workplace. This newfound peace is due in part to your change of attitude and positive thinking. Keep it up, and there won't be a soul capable of resisting you, Capricorn


The planets will have their eye on you especially on Friday when a new person is meant to arrive at your workplace, someone who will be a perfect match for you(professionally speaking). And who knows, you might start developing feelings and realize that you've found the love of your life. 




This week will be favorable for your health although as the days go past you'll notice a small decline in your well-being. Fortunately, there aren't any severe problems bothering you and whatever comes up will be easily solved. 


The planetary conjunction suggests that your eyes, fingernails, and back might experience some problems this week. Magic Horoscope would also like to warn you about being extra careful this Friday because Uranus is acting up which will make you prone to accidents. 


On the other hand, if you were thinking about changing your look, then Thursday is the perfect day to do it. The Moon has a positive influence on your hair and will help it grow faster and healthier. On Sunday, you will have the opportunity to rid yourself of bad habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol seeing how these could be hindering your healing process.