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This looks like a busy week regarding your feelings and emotional life in general. You lack motivation, and you're feeling down, and can't stop thinking about what happened in the past instead of focusing on what you already have. 

You'll have to deal with arguments and disappointments at the beginning of the week. You should get rid of that armor you keep wearing, which is isolating more than protecting you, and it's keeping those around you from seeing your true self. 

Your significant other is excited about spending time with you so don't leave them stranded, and this week, closer to Friday, many of your problems will dissipate.

You'll have some opportunities to travel as a couple, make the most of them. 

If you're single, try to pay more attention to that special someone who you've not noticed because of how busy you always are. You'll have more fun with them than you've had in ages. Make the most of this encounter; they could turn out to be an essential person in your life. 

Get out there and live, Capricorn!


Your hard work will pay off in the first days of the week. 

Your skills and management style have caught the eye of your superiors, especially after having proved your assertiveness in conflictual situations.

Mars' positive influence is highlighting the incredible creative dimensions you can give your work, and it's all rooted in your organizing and business skills. 

You'll be happy to enjoy friendship and camaraderie in your workplace. These days are perfect for getting to know your coworkers better and strengthening existing bonds.

Spoil yourself with a well-deserved gift. 


The first few days of the week will favor good health, and your overall state will be within optimal levels. 

The biggest issue is regarding your mood. Considering Venus' negative influence, you're prone to pessimism and refusing to see life's gifts. 

You'll feel much better once you take a walk in nature and rest properly, without forgetting to have some fun at weekends too (make the most of the Sun's shift into your sign).