WeeklyHoroscope | Magic Horoscope


This week you will need to put a lid on your urge to control everything. You already know how detrimental that is for your relationships because no one enjoys having their every move monitored. 

You need to focus on growing as a person and acting positively instead of always observing others. You'll get lost in this and on the way, you'll lose your happiness as well. 

You come off as a manipulating person when in fact you simply have an overactive protective instinct. 

The second half of the week will be pleasant, and you'll get a chance to experience positive things. You'll most likely be in high spirits, and you need to make the most of this. Try and express your feelings and desires more, but be careful to back up your positivity with equally positive actions. 


Money is tight, and you'll have to cope with many expenses and debts during the first few days of the week. 

Magic Horoscope recommends that you let go of fear and start focusing on a winning attitude. Patience is one of your best allies and a cradle of hope. 

Listen to your instincts and have faith in your efforts of starting a new way of doing things. Use your tough character to fight against difficulties. 

Be brave and reinvent yourself without any fear of judgment.

This weekend, heated arguments will dampen your optimism. Take this time to keep planning and organizing and do not stop regardless of the difficulties. 


The stress you've been under this week will take its toll on your muscles and spine. You might experience pain and discomfort. 

It would be wise to see to these issues before they become more serious, so we recommend yoga and stretching class. 

Start researching relaxation and breathing techniques. 

There are several medicinal herbs to help you manage stress, and you can try having a cup of tea before bed, either valerian, lemon beebrush, linden, or passion flower infusions, depending on what your pharmacist recommends. 

Find your best self-care routine and show yourself more love. Show yourself the same understanding that you treat others with. 

You might feel a bit low on energy this weekend, be careful not to fall back into bad habits. Take more care of yourself.