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The planets' prediction for this week could be especially favorable for your love life, but your attitude could make this process harder. Everyone knows you like to be in control, Capricorn, but you're about to experience a series of events that will show you that you can't manage everything in life.  


At the beginning of the week, you will have to face one of your biggest fears: expressing your feelings for the person that has taken over your thoughts and your heart. It may be difficult, but you have to do it otherwise you risk losing the chance to live an amazing love story. 


As we've mentioned before, you have a darker side which could end up sabotaging you with all the doubts and mistrust that you're feeling. Fortunately, as the week progresses, you will experience an inner shift which will open the way for new adventures and bring you closer to your partner.



During the next couple of days, you will face a series of events that might change the way you see your workplace, which could actually be a favorable thing. Moreover, this whole week you will have opportunities presented to you, both financial and professional, and if you know how to make the best of them, you could improve your situation significantly. 


Unfortunately, not everything will turn out as positively, and halfway through the week, you might need to reorganize your strategies at work. Courage will also be required when you meet your employers, spirits might not be so high and they could end up crossing the line of professionalism. Don't hesitate in standing up for yourself; no one deserves to be treated poorly, especially when you've been killing yourself to make sure everything turns out as requested. 


This could be the reason why your week might be a bit hectic, Capricorn. Despite the good moments at the office, you will start to gain more perspective on your problems, and you won't take everything to heart anymore. The final lesson at the end of this week could be that you're fed up with living to work when the logical thing would be to work so that you can live. 



The following six days will be quiet health-wise, with nothing to worry you except small nuisances that you could eliminate by adapting your daily habits or by having a more positive attitude.  Although it may seem complicated, you have to try your best because of the enormous benefits to your health. 


Therefore, the trickiest thing you'll have to do is control your sugar intake. Everything else will be reasonably normal, and you'll enjoy a relaxed week, except for some stomach discomfort and muscle pain toward the weekend. 


Despite the good health that you're enjoying this week, if you want to improve your wellbeing you could get yourself a lucky charm to protect you and you could also read about the properties of honey, it could become your closest ally from now on. Ultimately, your main priority should be strengthening your immune system and in the meantime, enjoy being in excellent shape.