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This week, the full Moon will have a less fortunate influence on you. It turns out that what you knew to be true and a definite plan, is now turning into a series of excuses that are, in effect, leading up to a big, fat "no." You might feel like you're trapped in a depressing situation. 

Don't let yourself get sucked into other people's games. Things are unclear at the moment, and it will take a lot of courage for you to set the record straight and clarify each other's responsibilities. 

You can get yourself a good-luck charm to help with your couple issues and to offer protection. There are various ways you can protect yourself from the negative energy that is causing so much conflict. Keep your head up, Capricorn!

An interesing visualisation exercise could be to imagine you're walking down a forest path holding hands with your loved one. It's a beautiful spring afternoon, and you're enjoying the fresh air. Try it, and you'll see how good it feels. 


During this week you'll figure out how to better navigate your professional life. You'll be lost without your biggest virtue, your determination. Are you by any chance running out of patience? 

In the middle of all the madness that is your life right now, Magic Horoscope will help you remember who you are, just in case you forgot what your real values are. 

Remember to communicate your objectives clearly to the people that your project or business plan depends on. It's useless if you know all the ins and outs but the people who help you manage your work know next to nothing about it. 

Congratulations Capricorn, your efforts will soon be recognized and rewarded. 


If you don't stop and rest during this week, your body will have to perform a forced 'shut down.' You're under too much stress and exhaustion. 

Remember to eat a healthy diet and take more care of yourself. It's important to eat well and rest but also to be able to disconnect your mind for one hour each day, and just relax. You'll eventually figure out what works best for you. 

You can choose so many relaxing activities, either a good book, a movie or a yoga class, you pick! You can do this, Capricorn! Relax, or your body will end up paying the price, so you've been warned. Take a deep breath and release all the negative energy, you'll feel better for the week ahead.