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The week beginning 5 November will not be off to such a good start for Capricorn natives. You will feel like your optimism reserves are running low and it's more and more difficult to face your days. Think of it as a challenge and remember that your attitude plays a vital role in how you feel.

Single Capricorn will try to focus their energies in areas that go beyond finding love. There will be a change that could turn into a double sided sword. If this is your case, don't close yourself to the possibility of finding love even if it might seem like a daunting mission. 

As the week progresses, Capricorns that are involved in a relationship will need to get ready for anything to happen because the stars are forecasting a rough time for their partners. Keep your faith and try to be as helpful and understanding as you can.

The situation will rapidly change toward the end of the week and all Capricorn natives, regardless of their marital status, will be able to enjoy a new wave of happiness. 


Being acknowledged by your colleagues is very important to you, and you will seek their approval during this week, even though the answer you might get is not the one you expected. 

Depending on each person, this situation might make you feel quite depressed and even prompt you to find another job. Be careful with setting objectives that are too high; you might end up in a constant state of dissatisfaction. 

On the other hand, this period of transition and reflexion that you are going through will be interrupted by a series of events that will take place in your workplace. If you want to succeed in this situation, Magic Horoscope recommends that you try and help those colleagues that are not as versatile as you are. 

During this weekend you will have the chance to indulge in one of your passions. Even if it's important to have savings, you can still invest a small part of them in light gambling, bingo, the lottery or sports bets: there are many possibilities for economic surprises this week.  


As opposed to your love life this week, you don't need to worry about your health. Make the most of this time to improve anything that has been troubling you and also work on your spiritual side, considering how interested you are in maintaining an excellent body-mind balance. 

Once you start looking into this, you'll discover exciting techniquessuch as mindfulness and other similar therapies that will help fight against negative thoughts and also help increase mental capacity.

This is not to say that, regarding ailments, your body will be tranquil these days. You might experience minor stomach issues such as halitosis (also known as chronic bad breath).