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This week, you'll live good moments thanks to your emotional relationships, although during the weekend your situation can be affected by a change in the position of the stars. 

Monday will begin with a reunion and the possibility of recovering contact with someone from the past who is back to stay. For this reason, during the following days happiness will be the focus, and you can take advantage of it to practice the positive mentality.

These happy moments that you're going to live, together with the nights of passion and furtive encounters, will make the week go by faster. But be careful because at the weekend everything can change due to your strong character and the arrival of someone who doesn't have good intentions, and that shortly may cause you some headache.


Despite the existence of people who don't want to see you succeed because of their eagerness to compete, you should know that, in general, it will be a reasonably good week in the economic field even though you will have an unexpected expense.

At the beginning of the week, an exciting job offer is foreseen, with the only inconvenience that you might have to change city or even country. In addition, on Wednesday the Goddess Fortune will be on your side if you participate in a game of chance.

As the week goes by, you'll discover that you are a crucial part at work, and you'll enjoy all your successes and achievements. As for the weekend, the stars will offer you the possibility of relaxing and recovering strength and energy so that you can start next week on the right foot. 


This will be the calmest and most stable aspect of all week. Without even realizing you are able to maintain a healthy rhythm of life, which is great luck.  

So you must practice and keep those habits that have a positive impact on your health, such as drinking enough water a day or visiting your doctor if you haven't been to see him for a while. 

The most important thing this week is that you avoid anticipating events (you'll save yourself a lot of suffering and a lot of headaches) and that you focus on making a list of positive resources, which you can use every time you're down and help you get back on your feet.