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Your week from 8 to 14 October will be quite busy in love's terrain, although the situation will escalate as the days pass. So, after hitting a few bumps and feelings of insecurity, you'll see your relationship start to improve. You may even discover a side of your partner that they had kept hidden up until now out of fear.

On Tuesday there will be a change in the cosmic position which will strengthen the trust and mutual understanding between you and your life partner. This will help you to jump in and experience new intense things together. However, the cosmos predict a sudden period of changes that will happen quickly and unexpectedly. Don't worry -you'll come out of this even stronger than ever.

You should be particularly careful on Friday 12 because mood swings will be the order of the day and this could end up putting you in a bad position. If you control yourself, everything will be just fine. This week, single Capricorns will be feeling elated since their power of attraction will leave everyone that crosses paths with them in awe.


You're going through a positive phase in the workplace since you are being trusted with more responsibilities every day and you're ready to put yourself to the test. But be careful, if you go overboard and get too big for your boots, your coworkers could end up getting annoyed with you.

Being responsible is great, but you shouldn't become a victim of your work either. Don't feel like you should be taking your work home to keep up with this accelerated pace. Your workday is 8 hours, and once you've completed these hours, you deserve to disconnect and enjoy your free time.

On the other hand, Magic Horoscope recommends you to participate in a raffle or buy a lottery ticket on Tuesday 9 since the planets indicate that Lady Luck is on your side.


As far as your physical well-being, during the first days of the week, you may experience stomach pain because you aren't taking care of it like you should. The planets highlight how vital it is that you change your diet and start taking this realm more seriously. Otherwise, the aftermath could become a more serious problem.

Also, you need to work on being less sedentary, even if this is something that you work on progressively. You don't need to be a gym rat that drinks protein shakes, which actually isn't that great for the body either. However, it would be a good idea to start incorporating healthy habits in your life to start getting in better shape.