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The Chinese zodiac year of the Dog includes all of those people born in the years 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 and 2006. Also, 2018 is the year of the Dog. Every animal in the Chinese Zodiac has a very different personality and traits. If you were born in one of these years, you need to know the potentialities of the Dog sign.

In this article, we'll tell you all about the Dog's Characteristics, personality, and the compatibility of those born in the year of the Dog with other Chinese zodiac animals. Also, we let you know which signs from this horoscope you are incompatible with.

Year of the Dog traits

Those born in the year of the Dog in the Chinese Zodiac are friendly and affectionate. Their nature encompasses the values of justice, honesty, and humanity, which connects them to the soul of the human being. As they also have an instinctive attraction, they are always surrounded by friends and people who love them.

One of the virtues of the Dog is its cunningness and shrewd ways. They are guardians of their property, guarantors of security, and therefore have developed a talent for observation, analysis, and detection of problems, as well as a natural talent for research. They are people with a highly developed intelligence who always know how to analyze the situation in which they find themselves.

Probably the weak point of Dogs is that because of their full dedication to others they end up neglecting themselves. They usually become anxious at their inability to find the path to happiness. If they do not find a family nucleus or a space of security and stability, they may tend to be depressed.

People born in the year of the Dog are not ambitious. They are detached from the material goods, and that, in addition to being a loyal friend always willing to listen and advise free of prejudice, makes them really generous. That is why their personality is so appreciated, and whoever has a Dog friend by his side can say that they have a friend forever.

Their personality depends on the element that influences their sign:


Dogs in the Chinese Zodiac born in years ending in 0 or 1 are influenced by the Metal element, which gives them a reserved and shy personality, with a tendency to be conservative. They are usually repressed and always looking for their comfort zone. They tend to have a stiff and reserved personality influenced by their element.

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The Dog of the Chinese Zodiac born under the influence of the Water element (years ending in 2 or 3) is influenced by an attractive and sensual nature. They are always surrounded by people who love them. Also, this element reinforces their perspicacity and intelligence. They always know how to make the most of their innate qualities.

Chinese zodiac Dogs born in a year with the water sign are attractive and sensual.



People that belong to the year of the Dog born in the years ending in 4 or 5 are influenced by the Wood element. This gives them a sense of peace and serenity, which makes them crafty people. They have some difficulties facing a fast-paced life and always look for comfort. However, they compensate their laziness with a refined sense of intelligence.


Those Dogs born in the years ending in 6 or 7 are influenced by the Fire element. This combination offers an elegant, cultivated, and refined personality. It is a very charismatic type of Dog that always tends to reinforce its spiritual purity and move away from the material. It has an excellent capacity for conviction and is also surprisingly resolute.


When Dogs in the Chinese Zodiac are influenced by the Earth element (born in the years ending in 8 or 9) they are perseverant and highly organized, so they have a natural talent to set realistic goals and move patiently towards their fulfillment. They are also admirably unremitting, so they will rarely give up and will always want to improve.

Year of the Dog personality

People born in the year of the Dog aren't the best lovers, but their love is everlasting. This is how the Dog's personality is summed up in romantic relationships. The way they see love is guided by their values. Love has to be intimately linked to fidelity and loyalty, and that is why they always tend to have long and stable relationships. They don't like having affairs and flirting.

They are not good at playing the field. The Dog is not the best in bed, nor the most passionate. To awaken their interest, we will have to try hard to find the things that make them abandon that reserved nature. The Dog in the Chinese Zodiac always tries to rationalize their feelings.

In matters of health, Dogs always tend to think that everything bad is going to happen to them because they are very apprehensive people. This makes them hypochondriacs, with a tendency to be anxious and nervous. And in the long run, they can also develop depressive symptoms. Also, gluttony is their most common vice.

They may not be the best workers but when they want they can be constant and responsible. Their nature makes them lazy, but that is not a problem: they are not ambitious and don't have great expectations. They are content and satisfied with a comfortable and safe life next to the people they love and to whom they devote all their time and energy.

In the Chinese Zodiac, the Dog and the Horse are highly compatible.


Chinese zodiac compatibility

The Dog in the Chinese Zodiac is highly compatibility with the Tiger, Snake, and Horse.

The Dog and the Tiger have developed a great ability to neutralize their differences. This has led them to the path of a longlasting union, either in love or at work. The Dog's peace and quietness balances the Tiger's impulse, and both share the same goal.

With the Snake, the Dog shares sensuality and magnetism that makes them form an explosive and attractive couple. Also, the Snake is the only one that can awaken that hidden and repressed passion in the Dog, and turn this sign into a fiery lover.

Horses offer those born in the year of the Dog their generosity and optimism that can be very beneficial to them. Both form an extraordinary and exciting couple, both in love, where they will find themselves safe and in business, where they will be a patient and resolute pair.

However, the Dog in the Chinese Zodiac is incompatible with the Rooster, Dragon, and Goat.