Year of the Horse: Traits and Compatibility

These are the skills of the Horse sign according to the Chinese zodiac
- Year of the Horse traits
- 1. Metal
- 2. Water
- 3. Wood
- 4. Fire
- 5. Earth
- Chinese zodiac Horse personality 
- Compatibility with other signs
The Horse in the Chinese Zodiac is a free spirit who has an entrepreneurial nature | Magic Horoscope

Those born in the year of the Horse influence people born in 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, and 2014. Every animal in the Chinese Zodiac has very different characteristics and traits. If you were born in one of these years, you need to know the strengths of the Horse sign.

So, in this article, we are going to tell you about the Horse's traits, personality, and compatibility with other animals from the Chinese zodiac. We also let you know which signs is the horse incompatible with.  

Year of the Horse traits

The sign of the Horse in the Chinese Zodiac is an adventurer, a free spirit which always avoids ties and lives independently. It needs autonomy and freedom. They always make their dreams come true with optimism because they pursue their desires with great vitality until they get what they want.

Horses' most important trait is their vitality: they are energetic, friendly, hardworking and creative. Passivity and inaction for them is a way of wasting the priceless treasure of life. They have great physical strength, and they are excellent sportspeople. The Horse needs open spaces, they need to move.

Horses are mixed with nature. They are born in freedom. Therefore their tendency is always to go back to it. Closed spaces and the city limit their strength and their movement, enclosing their dreams as if they were imprisoned. Horses will only be happy when running free.

Their flaws are fury and impatience. Their bodies usually work at a frenetic pace, and it is frequent that they end up having arguments and fights in which they cannot control their impulses. Also, they are lousy savers and often fall into some excesses. It is not weird for Horses to be bankrupt.

Their personality depends on the element that influences their sign:

1. Metal

Metal (the element that influences the natives of years ending in 0 and 1) reinforces the most radical features of the Horse in the Chinese Zodiac, turning it into a rebellious and capricious being, hasty and not very responsible. The Horse lives its life with an unbridled rhythm trying to embrace everything and squeeze every second to the maximum. Horses aren't afraid of anything.

The Horse needs open spaces, it needs to feel free.

2. Water

Water influences people born in years ending in 2 or 3. It gives the Horse an intellectual dimension that, due to its personality, means a spiritual elevation that insatiably seeks the abstraction of religion and philosophy. Water-influenced horses have a refined sense of humor and are very sociable, although their organizing skills are not very good.

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3. Wood

People who were born in the year of the horse ending in 4 or 5 are influenced by the element of Wood. They are quiet, but they still need freedom and independence. However, they are not so adventurous. This kind of Horse enjoys pleasant environments surrounded by friends and acquaintances.

4. Fire

Fire influences those born in the years ending in 6 or 7. Chinese people are afraid of this type of Horse. In the years of the Fire Horse, many people had abortions in China. We are facing a personality with excessive energy: pure passion, debauchery, lust. They don't have limits whatever the consequences.

5. Earth

The Earth element influences Horses born in years ending in 8 or 9 and are influenced by a crafty nature. They know how to find the equilibrium between calm and thoughtfulness when it comes to making the right choice. That is why they are excellent financial managers and specialists in saving companies in danger of bankruptcy.

Chinese zodiac Horse personality 

Although the Horse in the Chinese Zodiac may be romantic and indulge in the most unbridled passion when it falls in love, its need for freedom is a factor that makes it incompatible with an everlasting love. That's why it's an unsuitable sign for sedentary people because they can't stand not having the freedom and action they need.

In love, the Horse is unpredictable, developing an enormous sexual fury, lust, and debauchery. But at the same time shows a certain weakness in love relationships, being very susceptible to suffer from jealousy and disappointment. Under the hard armor of this independent adventurer hides a more sensitive person.

Horses have the profile of a tireless worker who has two main skills: creativity and constancy. In addition to enviable physical strength, his free spirit is imaginative and creative. They use all these resources to work constantly and conscientiously with a single aim: to achieve what they set out to achieve.

The Horse is therefore synonymous with success, although not wealth. Their carefree and adventurous nature sometimes gives them a responsible and methodical personality, which leads to serious problems in maintaining economic stability. It is likely to succumb to temptations, and although somewhat selfish, it has little tendency to save. Its passion for life and the lack of limits in everything it does sometimes lead it to be bankrupt.

In love, the Horse is unpredictable.

Compatibility with other signs

The Horse in the Chinese horoscope is compatible with the signs of the Tiger, the Dog, and the Goat or Sheep.

With the Tiger, the Horse finds a powerful union thanks to their vitality and enthusiasm. They are two very positive and optimistic creatures. Both can undertake the craziest adventures, and find the powerful force of constancy and determination when in bad times.

The Dog is capable of breaking the Horse's inability to have lasting relationships and will do so by putting the necessary ingenuity and dynamism into their relationship. Both of them like to do activities that break the routine and turn life into a fun game.

In some aspects, the Goat and the Horse can collide: the Horse tends to adventure and debauchery, while the Goat is passive and sometimes tends to discouragement. But the generosity of the Goat implies a tender understanding of the Horse. Therefore, Horses find in Goats elegance, beauty, and seduction.

On the other hand, the Horse has a high incompatibility with the signs of the Rat, the Rabbit (or Cat), and the Snake.