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The Ox sign influences people born in 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 and 2009. Every animal in the Chinese Zodiac has very different characteristics and traits. If you were born in one of these years, you need to know the potentialities of the Ox sign.

Year of the Ox or Buffalo traits

The Ox (or Buffalo) in the Chinese Zodiac is the second sign and has qualities linked to physical and mental strength, which makes them excellent workers and patient builders of their projects and dreams. The Ox often succeeds in life because it's organized and knows how to plan its tasks in detail, in order to achieve with commitment and confidence what they want.

The Ox's nature provides it with calm, patience and peace. It is a methodical being who always uses logic and reason to solve problems. It faces difficulties with tranquillity and avoids any conflictive situation because aggressiveness isn't its thing. Sometimes Oxen reach such levels of rigidity that they become very strong and inaccessible people.

The Buffalo is a shy and meticulous sign and does what it considers appropriate without great fuss. Sometimes, that makes them less talkative and even shyer. However, when an Ox runs out of patience, it is capable of taking out all its fury in an outburst of unpredictable consequences.

On the other hand, it is a home and family being because it instinctively seeks stability. The Ox family is a classic union in which the man is an efficient supplier that makes his family never lack anything, and the woman is an excellent manager of the economy. As a general rule, the Ox in the Chinese Zodiac is a conservative person in all aspects of life.

Their personality depends on the element that influences their sign:

1. Metal

Oxen in the Chinese horoscope are influenced by the element of Metal when they are born in the years that end in 0 or 1. This confers a rigid nature that is reinforced by ethics and methodology. They are difficult to deal with because they become solitary and inflexible, arrogant and stubborn. However, they tend to have a successful professional career thanks to their great efficiency and intelligence.

2. Water

People born under the sign of the Ox (or Buffalo) and in years finished in 2 or 3 are influenced by the element of Water. This type of Ox knows how to deal with adversities and difficulties with serenity and patience. That is why they tend to be more introverted, solitary and conservative when it comes to contradictions.

Those born in the year of the Ox are influenced by 5 elements (metal, water, wood, fire, earth)

3. Wood

When the natives of the Ox in the Chinese zodiac have been born in years ending in 4 or 5, they are influenced by the element of Wood. That links them much more to the serenity and stability of nature, and to the peaceful dedication to their creativity. The Wood nuances the aggressive impulse that the Ox can have in exceptional moments, and helps them to focus in their work.

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4. Fire

Those born in the years ending in 6 or 7 belong to the Ox sign influenced by Fire element, which accelerates the crafty nature of the Ox or Buffalo. Sometimes this element makes them feel anxious because the Ox does not know how to handle those nerves and that accelerated pace of life. The key is that the Fire Ox knows how to deal with the impetus of its element to break the limits of its conservatism.

5. Earth

When the Ox in the Chinese Zodiac is influenced by the Earth element (born in the years ending in 8 or 9) its bond with mother earth, its conservative nature, its tendency to family unity, its creativity, and its sensuality are reinforced. The challenge for these kinds of Oxen is to fight against closeness and isolation and to make efforts to have a more adventurous life.

Year of the Ox or Buffalo personality

The Ox in the Chinese Zodiac has a remarkable sense of sensuality that makes them very attractive and irresistible. They know how to separate this attraction and sensuality from the feeling of love, and this is what makes them excellent lovers. The problem comes when they confuse passion with love because they have a tendency to difficult and confusing relationships.

The Ox has a natural elegance from which emanates an invisible force, with a savoir-faire and a serenity that gives it an atavistic, vigorous beauty. They prefer solitude to gregarious life, which also gives them an aura of mystery and magnetism.

Their strength and balance make them people with great health, in addition to being endowed with privileged anatomy. They can develop very demanding physical activities with great skill, as they have strength and endurance that makes them amazing. They also know the key to a good physical condition.

However, due to its conservative personality, its tendency to prevention, its moderation, and its reflective personality, the Ox or Buffalo usually avoids crazy adventures and gives the least possible space to chance and the unpredictable. This, although it may give them a space of safety and long-term advantages, prevents them from learning interesting experiences and living adventures.

Find out the compatibility of the Ox (or Buffalo) with other signs from the Chinese zodiac.

Chinese zodiac compatibility

The Ox in the Chinese zodiac has very high compatibility with the Snake, the Rooster, and the Dragon.

The Ox and the Snake share the same sense of sensuality, which makes them find themselves in a suggestive game of insinuations. Once together, they complement each other perfectly well, because the Ox absorbs the cunning of the Snake and it finds stability in its companion.

They may seem opposites, but the opulent and powerful Dragon and the patient and shy Ox connect very well. The Dragon has the star of success and the luck of the winner, but usually is too ambitious and ends in ruin. The Ox skills for management are perfect for them.

The Rooster shares the same point of view of life and the way of understanding happiness. Both are tireless and constant workers who need to create a safe space in their lives. If the two meet, they will be able to create a stable family and find happiness in small things.

On the other hand, the Ox (or Buffalo) has low or null compatibility with the signs of the Tiger, the Dog, and the Monkey.