Those who are born in the year of the Rooster are joyful, eccentric and perfectionists | Magic Horoscope

The Rooster sign influences people born in the years 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, and 2017. Every animal in the Chinese Zodiac has very different characteristics and traits. If you were born in one of these years, you need to know the potentialities of the Rooster sign.

In this article, we are going to tell you all about the traits, personality, and compatibility for those born in the year of the Rooster. We are also going to let you know which other animals this sign should avoid.

Year of the Rooster traits

If you were born under the Rooster's sign, your personality is very hard to handle, but it is surely fascinating too. The tenth sign of the Chinese Zodiac is joyful, extravagant and with an extrovert nature.

One of their most particular features is precision and meticulousness. They are thoughtful and don't like to leave anything to chance. They tend to become obsessive people who don't rest until they get a satisfactory result, which has good and bad things.

On the one hand, people admire them because of their work efficiency. Their determination and dedication make them a reference for many, and a key piece in team projects in which their meticulousness spreads to others and guarantees success.

On the other hand, however, the temperament of the Rooster is not at all easy. They can be very annoying and arrogant because they expect others to act as they would —and that makes them especially critical and impertinent.

Their strong points are honesty and exemplarity; their flaws are lack of touch and lack of diplomacy. On the other hand, the Roosters do not mind being the center of attention and have many skills for the performing arts.

Their personality depends on the element that influences their sign:

1. Metal

Those born in the years ending in 0 or 1 are always willing to help others, they are also charismatic and lovable. They are self-confident and they usually feel comfortable being the center of attention, although sometimes they are a bit narcissist and don't like criticism at all. Their seduction powers are irresistible.

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2. Water

Those born in years that end in 2 or 3 are characterized by the mysterious stillness of water and, in the case of Roosters, by a privileged intelligence. The Roosters that are influenced by the element of water usually feel comfortable studying because they are very methodical and meticulous. They also have great rhetorical and communicative skills.

The Rooster's strong points are honesty and exemplarity.

3. Wood

Roosters born in years ending in 4 or 5 are influenced by the element of wood, which provides them with harmony and calmness that they spread everywhere. However, the Rooster's nature always ends up showing their arrogance. But their great advantage is their ability to turn everything they touch into progress and prosperity.

4. Fire

Fire, the element that influences people born in the years ending in 6 or 7, turns all the traits of the Rooster's personality into an explosion of radicality —for better or for worse. This type of Rooster is conceited and self-confident. They do everything radically and extravagantly and have an urgent need to be noticed and be the center of attention.

5. Earth

The years ending in 8 or 9 combine the Rooster with the Earth element. In this case, the Roosters have a detective instinct that makes them want to know everything. Their insatiable curiosity sometimes makes them be snooper, but on the other hand, they have great skills to perform any research-related matter.

Rooster personality traits

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Rooster is ambiguous and dual. On the one hand, they are lovable because they are sweet, endearing, charming people. It's easy to have a nice relationship with them and they're very seductive.

But on the other hand, coexistence is somewhat more difficult with them. They are obsessed with order and cleanliness. And by showing their most exigent and repellent side, we will directly face the most unpleasant trait of Roosters. But they must be loved as they are: fussy and indecisive, sweet and repellent.

Roosters usually display their meticulousness and perfectionism: they can spend hours doing the same task until they achieve perfection. And that makes them feel proud of themselves in front of others. That's why they tend to be passionate about their work and real conscientious workers, the kind of any boss wants to have in their team.

Be careful, because that extravagant, rude, arrogant personality is just a mask. Roosters are full of weaknesses and insecurities. They show a strong and attractive personality but they really are prisoners of a conservative and cautious nature.

Find out the compatibility of the Rooster with other animals from the Chinese Zodiac.

Compatibility with other signs

The Rooster has full compatibility with the Ox, the Snake, and the Dragon.

The union with the Ox implies long-lasting professional or life projects, as both admire each other and share very similar points of view. The Rooster's relationship with the Dragon is even more explosive, as they have a magical connection that makes them feel the same vibrations and long for their dreams. They establish such an intimate relationship with the Snake that they don't need to talk: they understand each other with a touch or a look.

On the other hand, Roosters don't have an intense relationship with the Rat and the Rabbit, with whom they rarely establish lasting and successful relationships. There are too many things that keep them away. With the Tiger, once the passion is gone, they will end up forgetting each other. Roosters also should be careful in their relationships with other Roosters... Let's not forget about cockfights...