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Stopping to a halt when mistakes occur won't be your wisest choice today: focusing your energy into building up new challenges and opportunities will make you happier Geminis in the end. Go on a trip with your partner or create a project together.

Anything you dare to do with that person who's so important for you, no matter how small, will break the barriers of your loneliness and change perspectives to gradually bring happiness and plenitude into your life.

It's also time to think about yourselves a little more rather than always trying to please others. If you don't want to do something or you can't do someone a favour, be honest and say it out loud; we can't always please others.


The bad news coming for your business deals could temporarily block your mood and the drive that was leading your path to success. Today's a day to stay inactive, which doesn't mean you should be passive. Pay attention, Geminis.

What you need is a one-day or two-day break to set everything straight back again. Rethinking some investments, redoing some strategies, fitting resources in and changing orientations. Reflecting on all of that will let you grow.

For unemployed Geminis, creating even more anxiety than you already have is not the best way to overcome your frustration. Today you'll find chances to do small undeclared jobs; that could be a first motivating agent to overcome negativity.


Geminis with frequent bowel movement issues will feel something go worse; pains will go sharper, and now it's time to get them checked by an expert. Chamomile is the best tea to soothe the pain.

One of the most common issues in this sense comes around when the gastric fluid in the stomach comes up to the esophagus, causing a burning, painful sensation. Be very mindful of the need to control your diet, and when you feel that problem coming on, try some water with lemon, ginger tea and apple vinegar.

For trouble with your intestines, try probiotics and remember that it's important to have prebiotic foods to restore the health of your intestine's mucous membrane.