Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Go through your actions and admit your mistakes; in the area of friendship, humility will be your best asset today. Treading the fine line of arrogance is the most egotistical way of falling into the abyss. The results? Nothing but arguments, foul moods and distance.

The closeness to the people you love is the result of your humility. You need to make the right choice and go back to tenderness, modesty and connection. Don't try to get tougher through building a shell; that'll only make you feel lonelier.

For single Geminis, the path to love is full of obstacles. But the best way to dodge them is self-esteem, honesty and openness. Show your real selves.


Growth depends on discipline and perseverance, devoted work, improvement and stubbornness. If you do something wrong, do it again. As many times as it takes.

Your success ultimately depends on a sense of positive confidence in the final result. Giving up won't be good at all and will only bring you frustration and failure. Instead, the stars will reward perseverance and an aim for perfection. Don't give up and keep trying as much as you have to.

You mustn't let the admiration of others bling you. Avoid trying to stand out on top of everyone else, because entering a comfortable stage relaxes your efforts and tension at work.


Control and check-ups should be a more common ingredient in your routine, Geminis. Concerns on your health should be the first step for the effective care of your body. Find weaknesses and delve deeper into your potential. Cut off issues with bravery and decisiveness.

If you're apprehensive or a bit of a hypochondriac, subject fear to efficiency and force yourselves to be disciplined again when controlling your ailments. Most of them don't require medical care, but being fastidious about health avoids more serious trouble.

It's a very important day for Gemini ladies to explore their body extensively. Learn to know your body and to explore it in order to detect issues or rule out serious illnesses.