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Gemini Prediction for 1 October

Your Horoscope for Monday
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You have a misconception that's making things worse for you, which threatens to ruin once again a possibly perfect day. You focus too much in love, and when things don't go the way you want, you take a position of self-destruction.

First of all, the person you love so passionately is a mirage. You need to start by going deeper into their soul to decide whether you love them or not. And second, you need to love yourselves so much more.

If you're depressed because someone you love turned you down, you can't automatically think that it's because you're worthless and that no one will ever like you that way. Us humans have very different personalities and we go through very different stages in life, and in order for love to happen there have to be lots of factors coming together.

Just think that it wasn't the right person or the right time, and that you have lots to give and offer when the time comes.


The day will go from worst to best until it ends on quite a positive note. But you need to think that it'll be a tough day of work with more than one incident that will require all your patience and energy.

There's also a very conflicting day coming up which will require you to work a little: you need to lower down the tone you use to talk to others, and come down from your stage. Some humility won't be too bad for you.

On the opposite, your recent generosity to others will be rewarded lately, and that will encourage you to remain on this good path.


If it's hot, you complain because it's hot. If it's cold, you're ready to give an excuse for everything because it's cold. And if it rains you have the perfect excuse to stay home and justify your depressive mood.

Wouldn't it be best if you stopped giving excuses and lifted your mood up? Today your body will give you a break so that you can feel physically strong, but only with a strong mindset full of optimism is how you'll be able to use that energy and show your strongest side.

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