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The start of September will be a bit of a rocky road in love, Geminis, and more specifically, your love life. Everything's changing fast and, even though you try to pretend like nothing's going on, while living life absorbed in your career issues, your love life demands that you stop for a minute.

Today's the perfect day to slow down and reflect. Your ruling planet is in a regression process that favours reflection rather than impulse, and sets you on the perfect spot to avoid making important decisions, and focusing on reflection and analysis.

These are days to think about how you feel, where your relationship is standing, how you could improve some areas. The key word is "evolution", Geminis. You've got the key, but you need time and devotion.


Today will be quite a productive day, and without even noticing it, you'll carry out a series of minor chores, and the day will be gone without you managing to get a single break. You'll more specifically get deeply involved with minor house chores related to fixing and building practical things.

And although you wanted to rest and relax with your family for the day, manual work will become an addiction that will have you hooked on the drill and hammer all day long.

It's actually a good form of mental therapy that will keep your mind busy and make you feel truly productive indeed. Tomorrow you should give your body a break, but today it'll be good to stay active.


Today, Geminis who went on a fun night out yesterday will feel the unavoidable punishment of a hangover, and this time it's especially heavy. Headaches can reach extreme levels, with an irrepressible desire to sleep and not wake up until the next morning.

Still, your ruling planet's position predicts that there's powerful vibrations that will positively affect internal regeneration, and that will help you to experience a recovery just short of miraculous during the first hours of the day.

Therefore, after a decent amount of time, if you know how to fight back your hangover with a good mood and vitality, you'll feel your body energising up and you'll be able to face your chores with all your mental and physical strength.