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Magic Horoscope Reveals Your Gemini Horoscope for Monday September 10th

Monday's Gemini Forecast
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Today's a terrible day for Geminis' relationships. For whatever reason, no matter if it's a long-term or blossoming romance, Geminis, you create doubts on your partner's mind, and that threatens to blow out today. Rather than serious conversations, what seems to be the norm today are stormy, heated arguments with a tragic ending.

The best way to take on the challenge will be to accommodate your environment so that it attracts good vibrations. Healing your home and preparing a harmonious environment with colours and smells that make you relax and feel at peace will be a good antidote against stress and anger.

From here on, you need to use your finest weapon: communication. Don't let things grow cold and feelings to rot in place. Make everything flow so that you can solve your problems once and for all.


Today, your luck at investments and games is more active than ever, which makes today a perfect day to try your luck on lottery or gambling. Remember: always be recreational about it.

However, the largest fortune lies on your investments and productive work. You have a specific ascendancy element at work, which makes you magnets for talent and efficiency, and with all things in your favour to have a more than satisfying day.

Pair up that good luck with awareness and concentration, and lots of work as well. If you keep your willingness to work and your intensity up, today might be a day to remember.


It's crystal clear that your diet is in serious need of improvement, Geminis. You need to avoid heavy meals that give your digestive system a fair share of trouble, cut off junk food from your daily diet, and especially make sure that all nutrients your body needs are there.

That last bit is the most important, because your body feels the lack of those elements, and you feel weak at some parts of the day. Remember that your body needs the most energy it can get to face tough, intense days. Otherwise, your body could even go to breaking point and collapse.

All in all, your body is healthy, but healthy doesn't mean strong; it just means you don't have any illnesses going on. Now you need to focus on giving it what it needs to make you feel stronger.