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Gemini Forecast for December 11

Prediction for Tuesday
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Sometimes the best details make you realise that life is a wonderful experience, and that it's worth the ride to live each day to the fullest. Today, small details ready to fill up your soul will come one after another. All you need to do is set your troubles aside and be willing to observe.

Nothing that could ever happen should change your perspective about the kindness of people. Quite the opposite: the generosity of many will give you strength to believe in others again. You just need to shed away some trauma from past experiences.

This is a great chance to share the love you have inside with your loved one, whom you've neglected as of lately, or your parents, whose unconditional support you don't always thank the right way.


A bit of self-imposed discipline won't be bad to focus on certain duties of yours better. Competition at your workspace just keeps raising up while you doze your day off, and the predictions from the stars force you to try harder and take the managers' orders seriously.

Some of the concepts you connect to work are wrong, and they're making you perform your duties badly. Don't waste time with unprofitable pride and senseless bragging. Humility is all about admitting to mistakes and working to sort them out.

Your reward will come along in the form of some unexpected income that'll be perfect to cover up some bills and come out of your previous distress.


Spending long hours connected to electronic devices could give your eyesight and head some unwanted side effects. On the one hand you could end up with eyestrain, which you can solve by wearing glasses. Headaches could come from stress too.

In any case, you need to get away from technology, to step away from the TV, the phone and the computer, and the best way to do this is to find alternatives that make you feel fulfilled and productive.

Unplugging will also help you relax and sleep better.


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