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Being considerate to yourselves, caring for your soul and satisfying your needs and wishes is something you've been constantly putting aside, and you need to get it back to rebuild the strength in your inner selves. Only then will you be able to go back to your true Geminian essence and give others your best.

On the other hand, you need to sort out some underlying issues with your partner which are tearing apart mutual trust and communication, two essential cornerstones of your relationship. It's time to be generous and humble, to face your relationship crisis with a promise of change.

Your day will go by with certain adversity you need to face with plenty of energy and positive mentality. You need to be responsible, mature and decisive, and do everything you can so that you feel proud and productive at the end of the day.


Reaching conclusions through reflection and common sense will be a bonus that will make you collected and confident when making financial choices. Otherwise, rushing in could bring unwanted surprises and subject you to the whims of fate.

The stars point out that positive energy will be blocked before you attract any money. That means that luck isn't on your side and you should avoid financial sprees.

A cautious reaction to alarming news is a boost of efficiency. Turn down any pessimistic opinions and try to live life within a space of optimism; financial growth could start on that.


Recurring nightmares don't let you have proper sleep; for instance, waking up a few times at night can affect your resting hours, and make you exhausted and in pain during the day.

If you have lots of nightmares or disturbing dreams, don't worry: there's always a logic explanation behind it. It's just that, in the case of dreams, there's the filter of the unconscious and whatever image is projected takes an irrational or unreal flair.

You're probably going through a period of change or instability, so the first step is to relax your mind and body right before bed. See your dreams as wishes and desires, needs from real life that the unconscious takes in as dream metaphors.