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Full Horoscope for Gemini for This Coming Tuesday 11th September by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope for Tuesday
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Geminis, you need to urgently rescue the springs of sensitivity and sympathy you once had but lost somewhere in the deepest, darkest regions of your soul. It is absolutely necessary that you start being less stiff around others; it wouldn't be too crazy of an idea to give less importance to certain duties and go back to reality.

There's people around you who need you and miss your warmth and humanity. You can't have forgotten how to be kind to others, Geminis; now you're just a bit more selfish and grey. You'll just have to get back some of your attitude and attention to others, and you'll soon come back to being that lovable, friendly soul.

For Geminis who are going through an emotional rut, it is urgent that you get your mood and optimism back; whether your issues can be sorted out or not, you'll know how to face them if you make your self-esteem stronger.


Not everything can be bought with money, Geminis. You should learn that already. No matter how well things start going financially, if you can't use that money coherently and appreciate the things that are actually valuable, your life won't have a satisfying sense of balance.

For whatever reason, today you'll feel that, despite increasing your profits and being a bit more relaxed about your finances, you're actually not happier at all. Quite the opposite, anguish and issues are eating you alive.

Try analysing your current life and find out what's there that can make you happy. Keep working with effort and excitement. Having money isn't that bad, Geminis, but you need to learn not to focus your whole life on that.


Today you'll go through an incident that could bring you health issues for days. This incident will specifically be caused by overworking, as a consequence of not measuring your strength properly and wanting to do everything quick and well. We all have our limits, Geminis, and you may have crossed the red line.

If you've had too much of a load at work, remember that it's important to work constantly and with efforts, but your life doesn't depend on it. And your health is the most important of all.

If you've had an overload of physical exercise, remember how important it is not to get obsessed with sports: it's about having a healthy life, not a competitive one.