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Gemini Horoscope for 12 December

Your Forecast for Wednesday
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Geminis, your horoscope for this Wednesday foresees that your loved ones will grow distant and your social life will get more intense. This can end up making you feel lonely despite having people around you.


Don't forget that the people who know you best and who have proven they're worthy of your trust are the ones that help you out when anguish and doubts kick in, and when the upcoming months full of challenges that imply failing or succeeding demand a strong, steady environment.


Increasing your friends and acquaintances' base is quite a positive step for your personal growth, but when it comes right along losing your closest friends, the consequence of this could be a weak friends' network.




The stars give you unprecedented accuracy and agility at work. That gives you an advantage when carrying out your duties safely and quickly, and you need to use that to the fullest. Even if you're exhausted, find a motivation to go on.


Whatever you can do at work today will be extra time for you, and it'll allow you to face a more relaxed weekend with time to rest and unplug from the stress of work.


But giving in to tiredness and being passive today will be a waste of all your well-developed skills. Today you'll kill it at work, Geminis, but that overwhelming spirit needs activity and decision.




Here come the days of bingeing and excess that we perceive as permitted whims or understandable rule-breaking because it's Christmas. That's why your body should be stronger than ever, and you should boost the discipline that's brought you to this much-desired balance.


Don't lose control, keep a close eye on your scheduled diet and exercise these days, and those good habits that make you feel strong and healthy.


For today, music will be your best ally, as long as you pick motivating songs and avoid sad, nostalgic songs. Some of these could be highly memory-inducing.

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