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Admitting to your weaknesses and limitations and increasing your self-love by paying attention to your flaws will not only help you walk around with a strong self-esteem, but it will also make the most attractive parts of your personality come out today.

When you admit you're not perfect and vulnerable, you let go and set yourselves free from certain bonds that limit your greatness and personality in your everyday life.

That's how the shiny gleam of your inner treasure starts shining, when you dust yourselves off. Today's a great day to polish your personality.


The stars show an increase in productivity with an upward trend of profits as a result, but there's also a sense of resistance coming from exhaustion. Your key today is to find shortcuts; get the same or even better results with strategies that involve less work.

There's a wonderful treasure inside you, whose jewels are your hidden talents. Dusting off that treasure and using those talents could make you efficient, competitive employees.

On the other hand, increasing your self-esteem and trusting your skills will turn out to be a bigger sense of personal fulfilment, and it will be the best weapon against tiredness.


Your body had been giving you warnings for days, and today will be the day when physical and mental exhaustion can take a toll on you. Even going about your daily chores could be troublesome.

You need to take drastic measures to improve the balance between your duties and physical strength, and that isn't always easy. While you're at it, today you could follow some tips to improve your mood and reduce the consequences of exhaustion.

Did you know that ginger root is a powerful painkiller and anti-inflammatory agent? If you feel intense muscle pain, try starting your day with a tea made from this herb, grating the ginger over boiling water.

Avoid heavy meals during the day, because even if they do nourish you, they drain most of your energy. Have a diet with plenty of bananas, nuts and pulses; aside from feeling lighter, they will give you iron, potassium and vitamins.

Reducing your stress levels through relaxation and meditation through controlling your breathing will reduce your muscles' numbness and make your mind more positive.