Gemini Daily Horoscope
Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Everything you were feeling today could suddenly turn around, because the stars predict there's a temporary stage of emotional chaos that could easy turn your feelings into the complete opposite.

Thus, if you were feeling emotionally steady and highly sociable, you might become more enclosed and introspective, your emotions will go out of balance, and you'll feel the need to be alone.

But if you were in a stage of introspection and loneliness, you'll suddenly feel it's time to go out and socialise more, with renewed, impulsive energy.

This change won't last too long, and it could even cause disorientation and anxiety. You need to learn how to manage those sudden mood swings and use them in your favour.

As humans, we're in constant change, and every stage can teach us something new.


This Friday there's a short expansion period where you'll feel the need to boost and enlarge your business, or to take your job into new and currently uncharted possibilities.

It's okay if you want to unleash your inner adventurers every now and then, and it's quite true that you can't stand still for a long while. You do need change from time to time.

But watch out: it's one thing to feel the need to do so, and another to have proper conditions for adventuring.

There'll be a few obstacles that not only threaten to foil your plans; they will also drain too much energy from you and they can make you completely apathetic.


Your current health status is fragile as far as your digestive system is concerned. To that, we can add some muscle pain problems, especially around your legs.

These problems could make your mood drop sharply, but it isn't anything you can't fix with some optimism and very efficient medications that soothe the pain and allow you to carry out a perfectly normal daily life.

At some point of your day it would be great if you listened to your favourite music and spent some time on relaxing your body and mind. Music will not only help you relax; it will also boost your mood, because it acts as a powerful magnet for good vibrations.