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Gemini Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 12th September

Prediction for Wednesday
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The day will come with some important challenges for the development of your social and romantic skills, and your emotions in general, which you'll need to overcome to feel fulfilled about yourselves and others. Sometimes those challenges will come in the form of obstacles you need to face with optimism and self-trust.

Some people will threaten to shake and stir the foundations of your personal life, probably regarding your romantic relationship, but it's time to stay firm and show that your life in a couple is something extremely precious to you.

Besides, today's a day to practice your communication skills; although they're still in top shape regarding your social life, they're visibly absent in your current romantic relationship.


You need to come back to your cool, calculating mind that makes you successful business workers. You've let yourselves go with the current state of affairs, and you let your schedule rule over you, not the other way round. As a consequence, your emotions are beating your rational, cold, ruthless mind.

And that's why your performance is getting worse and worse. You need a shock tactic to bring back your self-confidence, to set goals that you can actually reach, and to make them help your self-esteem to improve.

And attention, Gemini housewives: work is overloading you. You need to be honest with your partner and ask for some help to be able to make it through the storm more confidently. If you continue to be the way you are, there'll be work undone and you'll be putting your nerves and health on the line.


Geminis, your throat will be your weak spot today, and there might be a short-term cold. Still, that's harming your immune system, and thus opening doors for virus and bacteria.

In order to reinforce your immune system, it's urgent and essential to boost your energy sources; to do that, you need to keep a more balanced diet. Make sure you eat more greens and give your body all the iron it needs.

On the other hand, today you will feel fulfilled and eliminate stress more easily if you devote some time to do outdoor exercise. That'll help you stay active and burn toxins off.