Gemini Daily Horoscope
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If your energy channels are sort of running slow today, breathe in and get rid of pressure; relaxation will be your best ally against stiffness. The answer to your freedom call could be on the outside, because the stars have a direct, crucial influence over your ruling planet.

Someone dear could open up your positive influence field and let them fill your insides during today; make the circle bigger and don't close it off. This is your key for today.

Learn from that person, open up to personal growth, learn to listen and boost communication.

Find that much needed peace within your own awareness: learn to forgive your mistakes and don't be so hard on yourselves. Reflect and make your opinions positive: it's time to brighten up.


Any mistake you might have made, no matter how big, only has a solution to it if you look for the most practical way to sort it out. But useless moaning and guilt will only make you lose time and destroy your self-esteem.

If you feel worn out, have some fresh air, take a breath, and see things in perspective. Things can turn around upside down for the better if you reduce your stress levels and manage to achieve the calmness you need.

Focusing your attention on other areas of your life and understanding work as just another factor will help you become as distant as you need to be.

The overwhelming success and luck that lead to abundance won't be present in your life today, Geminis, but you can settle for happiness with your current job and everything you've got.


The blockage of your inner world and the stress you feel about finances could lead to an inner health issue with an uncomfortable result: bowel movement issues. If you feel the classic symptoms for these ailments, take some measures.

If you feel constipated, you can use fiber: fruit and cereal will help you set things straight. Flax teas and seeds will be the perfect complement.

You can also use probiotics to get your bowel health back on track. Besides, toning up your abdomen helps you visit the bathroom more regularly. Walking half an hour a day will be enough.