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Full Gemini Magic Horoscope Forecast for Thursday

Your Forecast for Thursday
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The stars point out that you'll lose the strength you'd gained across these last few days, which had made you stronger, more decisive individuals. Today you'll go through a serious drop in your mood that threatens to weaken you and make you vulnerable to the dangers of your daily life.

However, no one but you has the final word on all of this, Geminis. You need to turn your mind into an impenetrable fortress, and you'll only manage to do that by putting into practice everything you've learned about yourselves over the last few days. You've managed to control your mind, and now you need to put it into practice.

Don't react by locking yourselves in or bringing out your defense weapons: hate, resentment, foul moods... You should do the opposite: show your human, optimistic side against a hard day. Luck will end up smiling down on you.


Keeping quiet to keep your job is fine, but when you have to bear with everything and obeying for no reason, that's another story. You shouldn't keep quiet about what you think is unfair or able to be improved. Quite the opposite: this proves how committed you are to the company, your job and your willingness to improve and live prosper.

Therefore, today you should make everything clear and go back to communicating with your managers to have a friendly conversation on what can be improved. After that you'll feel much happier and much more ready to work.

Besides, today you'll have a very productive day at work; it will only be shadowed by the low mood you'll have to challenge if you want to stay active at work. Fight back your misery with optimism and activity.


The health issues that you'd been dragging around for days are finally reaching their end. Still, although the pain is gone, you'll still feel bad; aside from your physical state, you need to bear in mind your psychological state, and that's harder to work on.

Your challenge today is to pair up your overcoming of physical issues with an improvement and evolution on your psyche, trying to make your thoughts positive and to reinforce your mental strengths to get rid of foul thoughts. Fighting depression back is your main priority today.