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Gemini Daily Horoscope for December 14

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External criticism can be too hurtful on your sensitive soul, but you need to learn to take in constructive criticism and ignore foul intentions. Don't allow the nasty opinions of your haters to stain your honour.

Dodge negative dynamics quickly and come closer to people with important, positive messages; socialise with them from an equal, honest point of view.

On the other hand, you shouldn't trust overwhelming partners who want to romance too quickly; without ever falling prey to passiveness or boredom, you should aim for more productive relationships.


To show your sense of leadership, you need persistence, and to show every day that you have enough energy as to take on responsibilities and sort issues out decisively. Your genius isn't enough, Geminis, and if you stand firm with that train of thought, pride will swallow your talents.

Instead, you should consider the foreseeable future of your career as a field open to possibilities, where sky is the limit and you can go as far as you want through effort and devotion.

Arrogance, tyranny and injustice are no equivalent to leadership, Geminis. Instead, modelling, virtue and justice are. Guide yourselves through companionship and humble, honest work; settle down into a position from your contribution to the general amount of assistance, and wait for the right time to climb up.


Watch where your steps are going at home today, Geminis, because you're slightly clumsy and there's predictions for a nasty home accident. However, fortunately, it won't be anything that can't be stopped if you're careful when handling tools and stepping around.

Also, there's someone at home who would just love to grind your gears, and it won't be too hard to do, because you're a nervous wreck ready to pounce. Don't be too impulsive and try taming your angriest bursts, in order to develop a peaceful mood.

Today you'll be going through nervous, difficult moments, and also incidents and accidents, but nothing too serious that will stop you from keeping good moods, laughter and happiness alive.

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