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Always waiting for events to take a dramatic turn because of fate implies making your life depend on circumstances, and that's really risky, Geminis, aside from making you look immature. If luck doesn't come around, depression kicks in.

Instead, your strategy should be to get some control back into your love life, to rule passion and emotions to make them work for you, and not let that impulse take over you. Being at the mercy of the heart's ups and downs usually has unexpected results.

The feeling of insecurity, even if fate makes you lucky, doesn't help you make your life any steadier. Stability depends on you taking control over your own life, even if you risk going wrong.


Circumstances set an amazing day for you, Geminis. If you manage to leave love issues aside and forget about physical ailments, you'll have a highly productive day.

Trust your chances and take the drive from your impulse to go as far as you can, fearlessly, confidently and persistently. The effort you make to get things done will be the key, the engine behind the well-oiled machine of your improvement, as long as you keep a humble attitude about it.

Admitting to your improvement capacities and remembering that you can fail and it'll still be okay all the while will make you act from a much more aware, honest position. That will help you face adversity and your duties today with tremendous success.


The appearance of sharp pressure in your lower back around your kidney area points out that this is a hard and heavy week for you, and that your body's not taking well certain excessive efforts and a lack of sleep. Changing up certain routines could help.

Prevention is the most important component: take all measures you can when performing heavy physical efforts, and try to use traction from your thighs, not arching your back.

You can ease the pain applying cold and hot cloths alternatively so that your muscles relax and blood flow in that area is smoother. But what will definitely help you get back on track will be to have some quality sleep.