Gemini Magic Horoscope for October 14

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Watch out and don't be too talkative here and there, Geminis, because not everyone is as honest as you are. You should consider being more cautious and avoiding rumours, especially if they affect people other than you. Today it could backfire against you and get you into serious trouble.

The stars advise you to get your self-esteem up in order to walk more confidently through life and be a little more independent. Forget about everyone else and focus on your own thing. Boost any feeling or emotion related to honesty and openness.

It's not the best day for you to go out desperately seeking love. If it has to come, it will, but your energy and charisma aren't at their best today. Be patient and wait.


Geminis, today you'll be especially successful if you work with mental skills, calculus and logic. The stars will give you great skills related to intelligence and mathematical procedures, so you should follow reason all day long.

On the opposite side, if you're Geminis trying to solve everything through force or led by your intuition, you'll have to take a step back and reflect. Under no circumstance should you attempt to carry out crazy operations or risky investments, because you could get deeply in trouble.

You need more discipline at work, Geminis. Getting self-esteem and confidence could lead you to be sort of arrogant. But you're not the ruler of all good and evil. Just relax and listen to what your managers have to say, or pay attention to your direct superiors at work.


Psychomotive activities will be perfect today for those Geminis who are undergoing a rehab process, or who have reached a certain age and have bone issues.

Besides, you should avoid getting nervous at all costs. You can do activities that help you keep a clear mind, but watch out, because intense physical exercise could be counterproductive.

It's also important that you perform a mental analysis on yourselves in order to have a perspective of where you're standing in life, what you can improve, and how to love yourselves a little better. It'll be quite an interesting exercise.