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Gemini Magic Horoscope for 14th September

Daily Prediction for Friday
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You're at a stage in life where you're constantly questioning everything, and that can sometimes lead to a state of permanent anguish where you feel like nothing makes sense. That's when you need to balance out your emotional side with your rational one.

No one has an answer for everything, but it's quite positive to start by questioning so many things. In the end, it's all about a process of personal growth and maturity. But you need to face it from a more rational point of view.

And attention, all Geminis who've just started a friendship (or something beyond that) with someone: there'll be conflicting interests that will set you in front of a cruel piece of evidence. That person isn't supposed to be of importance in your life and there's an obvious lack of a connection. Don't try to keep a story alive just because of attraction.


Geminis are in luck today, because after many weeks of suffering and hard work, you'll get new income sources into your life that will allow you to take a breath.

Besides, these are safe and steady income channels, most likely to be coming from a side job that will help you round up your paycheck numbers. You're in luck, and now's the time to keep working hard and celebrate.

Keep your hopes high. You can get a treat and buy something you'd been needing for a while and couldn't get. You should feel fulfilled, and that'll only happen if, aside from making extra money, you feel it has a function and it makes you happy.


From first thing in the morning your stomach will feel achy and stiff, although you can bear the pain and it won't stop you from carrying out as usual through your day.

Because of your symptoms you're likely to see that this is a gas build-up in your intestines, so you can use specific medications aimed at reducing passing gas.

Pair it up with the right hydration, and with light, fiber-full foods that help you cleanse that area in your body. Fruit could be your best companion today.