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Gemini Daily Horoscope for December 15

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Geminis, your tendency to fall prey to aggravation and tangle yourselves in a mess demands you to be much more careful and to stay away from conflict. The arrival of new acquaintances into your closest circle brings a warning for dangerous, nasty toxic relationships.

Don't trust your new friends and be fully cautious before you give away your trust and your heart. That also applies for easily loving Geminis: don't let hopes and physical attraction take over your mind.

Avoid falling into misunderstanding born from rumours and criticism. Today, everyone else should see you calm, confident, and ready to set the pace.


If you do intellectual work or study, you should know that the stars predict you'll have a particularly stressful day that will block your brain, hinder your skills and make you more absent-minded than usual.

You can find your lost path by changing study areas, or taking care of those pending readings or calculations, because including them into your daily routines boosts the risk for comfort and cluelessness. Silence will help you take your mind to the right place.

Both study-wise and work-wise, it'll be great if you can take trouble aside and try to avoid getting into it, forget those lurking fears and only focus on your most immediate duties.


During the morning, you'll feel extremely physically weak, with dizziness and possibly even faintness. Your sugar levels are quite low, and this imbalance is due to an altered blood pressure. If you don't have a proper breakfast, you might eventually faint and drop.

Remember that, because of your low sugar level, you should have a proper breakfast as soon as you're up. Weakness and dizziness are the immediate consequences of this, so you can easily fix it without being too alarmed or catastrophic. If you nourish your body properly, your day will become better.

If you're used to daily workouts, you can do them perfectly; otherwise, you can give up on exercise today and rest your day away.

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