Gemini Prediction for 15 November

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Personal ambition and the consequences of success or failure in personal relationships conflict with shared projects and your life in a relationship, Geminis, threatening stability. The results? Risk of getting into arguments, crisis and break-up.

What's the solution then? To stay calm and collected, revise goals, be generous, helpful and support each other. Honesty and communication. Expressing frustration and sharing failure to find understanding and support. That's what life in a couple is, Geminis.

Sheltering yourselves off in your issues and waiting for the other person to agree to everything and offer their understanding is unfair and unreal. In order to get, you need to give, and without an honest sharing of feelings to the other person, you'll hardly ever find what you're looking for in a relationship.


Setting family bank accounts into order is a great therapy exercise, aside from something much needed in your current situation. Facing adversity calmly and rationally will help you, along with your partner, to find practical solutions to speed up recovery.

Even if you tend to consider your failures only your fault and to lock yourselves off, today you should give teamwork priority. At your job, that'll be a promise of success. Otherwise, you're on the road to failure and frustration.

Try to be an efficient employee, don't be obsessed about being the best. Your talent will be more than enough.

Financially, you should give priority to recovery and stability through humility and holding back. Avoid dreaming about surreal goals.


That heavy feeling you get when you go to bed could condition your sleep negatively. There's some tips to find light diets which make you feel lighter without lessening nutritional values.

A tip to eat light without getting hungry is to include whole grains and pulses into your diet. They'll make you feel full but not heavy. Avoid meat and salads, which are harder to digest.

Soups, creams and fruit are more ingredients that will help you have a light dinner before going to bed. Remember to eat at least three hours prior to bedtime, and turn off all electronic devices to relax your body appropriately.