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Today you should start your week off by answering some of your inner questions. Go on a journey back in time and go back to your happy days, remember how you were and why you were happy, and extract from that time the lessons you learned, which could be useful now.

Nostalgia will be positive for you today, Geminis. You're at a very special moment in time, where you leave a stage and enter into another. But at the same time, you have that tendency to go back and bring out the best from the old times.

Today love will fall to the backseat, and even friendship and group experiences could go through the same. It'll be quite the individualistic day, to spend with yourselves, and with very useful introspection exercises.


If you get depressed at work, constantly look at the clock and do nothing but curse and complain the day away, time will go by slower and the torture will seem even crueler. You're better off trying to go to work with a smile on, focus on doing your assigned tasks, and boost your good mood.

Communicate more with others, use whatever good times you get, face adversity optimistically, and convince yourselves that you can give appropriate responses to incoming issues. Any minor advantage you can get will benefit you, but you need to stay alert.

In other news, Geminis, your finances are still steady and have a light upward trend, but now's the time to keep up the strategy that's taken you this far. Don't let your guard down.


A bad posture during sleep or a rocky night, with perhaps a nightmare that's kept you up late, might make you feel slightly in pain, and quite exhausted both physically and mentally. But watch out: avoid dozing off across the day.

You'll get well much sooner if you have a proper diet and keep up a good attitude. You should get a pace going and face your day on one go with lots of energy. Coming home exhausted and having a good night's sleep will be the most pleasant thing you can get. If you try to take short naps through the day, you won't rest enough and things will get even worse.

You could also feel the effects of a flu or cold that's just starting, but you can cut it short if you protect yourselves, eat healthy and avoid stress.