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Gemini Magic Horoscope Prediction from the Stars for this Coming Saturday

Saturday's Gemini Forecast
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Today you start your search for new inspiring beliefs and standards, pushed by your need to turn your spiritual status around and finding something through which you can evolve. This is a time in which your personal concerns need new inspirations.

The search for new references, individuals and thoughts in general could lead to a very interesting and enriching renewal stage. You need to be able to turn it into something positive to boost yourselves up into an exciting new stage of life.

Otherwise, you'll become anguished and unstable because you lost your current references and couldn't find new ones. Find new horizons to follow, but always remember who you are, where you are and where you belong.


Today isn't a good day to be entrepreneurs, let alone with someone else coming along for the ride. There's a period of business uncertainty for Geminis, which will make you tumble and wander into a project you're not really believing in.

Besides, there's days of doubts and relationship deterioration with others at work. That means that any grouping will soon turn into fights, arguments and a mutual sense of mistrust that will hinder the progress of business.

Just for a few days, you should watch from behind the fence and get comfortable in immobility. These are times to get your strength back and wait for the right time with a cool head over your shoulders.


Your body's starting to recover from certain issues that kept you worried, and that should be a source of encouragement to take better care of yourselves. Giving up on medications and starting to eat more healthy could be a first step.

With a good diet, many of your problems could start getting fixed, and you could start feeling much better. Geminis, you are receiving a very specific set of strengths from their ruling planet to improve your ongoing health issues.

It wouldn't be too bad an idea to retake physical activity, but always avoiding overwork.

Besides, today you will feel a sense of mental strength that can boost your mood all the way, which is highly necessary after a few days of unstability and pessimism.