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Gemini Daily Horoscope for December 16

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Your intelligence is an efficient resource against the foul intentions of some people who, according to the stars' prediction, want to hurt you with evil comments. Finding a witty answer against rumours and criticism shows that you have self-confidence. 

The warmth from your home will give you the peace and quiet that draining days like today demand; you'll get a chance to realise the great treasure available to you. If you've just started seeing someone, you'll find that love is a great cure against evil; it fills your heart with hope.

The relationship of Geminis with close relatives such as parents and siblings will also be closer, more understanding and binding.


For the stressful, overwhelming day ahead of you, taking a break from your duties will help you see everything from a certain perspective, and to find the best solutions for a quick, efficient responsibility resolution.

Sometimes, slowing down your work pace, going outside, staring into the sky and filling your lungs with air helps you have a relative scope on things to avoid falling prey to blockage. Switching certain strategies is a good way to improve your results.

Today you should also emphasise communication with others. Admitting that you're not able to do everything alone is a humble way to ask for help, and that will give you rewards at its due time.


Nicotine and caffeine are stimulating substances that we bring into our bodies every day without even noticing it, and in the long run, they could be fatal to our bodies.

When these substances are introduced in stressful periods, added to a poor diet and not enough rest, as a result your body could collapse and experience sweating, dizziness, anxiety and even fainting.

Here's our star recommendation for today, Geminis: try to stay away from coffee and cigarettes for a few days, or reduce your intake as much as you can. As far as smoking is concerned, perhaps it might be the right time to go on a detox therapy, which could turn out well.

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