Gemini Forecast for November 16

Prediction for Friday
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You will only find frustration where you don't find peace and good vibrations; and yet, where you thought there was no happiness, you will find a wave of positivity to give you a brand new boost, and that's at the very least.

It's time to get away from certain toxic relationships which you experience out of comfort, and to explore new relationships, which are a gust of fresh air full of potential.

Don't worship people, and don't even think about closing in under their influence. Absorb naturally everything they can give you, and get it with sensibility, maturity and an open mind.


Your current financial situation demands you to be more generous even if you feel worn out or demotivated. Looking for a solution outside your usual income area and your well-known job could give you that extra drive. But that means more sacrifice and less free time.

Putting certain projects to a halt or being at a professional standstill are getting you into a dangerous mixture of despair and passiveness. Break away from it with overwhelming energy and a sense of achievement.

Devoting some of your free time to do some extra work or designing projects that could get you extra profits requires devotion, but there'll certainly be rewards.


Getting your everyday chores and tasks done without paying attention to body signs is the quickest route to get serious health issues.

Not to make you panic, Geminis, but you must take measures right now to improve certain areas. In today's star prediction, the worsening of your circulatory system and blood pressure will stand out. You can act like nothing's happening for a while, but... for how long?

Unbalanced blood pressure increases the risk of heart attacks, weakens your kidneys, harms your brain, makes your eyesight worse, stalls the blood flow on your legs, and if you're a woman, alters your menstrual cycle. Need anything else to get down for some work?

Go on, Geminis! With just a little optimism and discipline you'll easy take control of the situation. A healthy diet, doing sport every day, keeping up good habits, sleeping better and lowering down on your smoking, drinking and salt intake will be a very important first step.