Gemini Daily Horoscope |



When it comes to love, your heart will be your guide today. Any attempt at bringing reason into your emotions will be an utter failure. The arrangement for the skies of Geminis today is an invitation to enlightened madness.

If you let your emotional needs loose you'll have a surefire victory, and you might find more than one pleasant surprise in the realms of love and friendship. But you'll only come to find them if you let yourselves go.

Holding back and following social conventionalisms will limit you and take you to the boring, grey side of life, to the most vulgar of life's corners, and at the end of the day you'll feel like you missed out on the perfect chance to liven up your existence.

Try not to forget the people you love, but devote some time to be happier.


Today you'll realise that, when you focus your whole life on work, you become greedy, foul-mooded, elusive individuals who lose all the inner strength and the gleam inside your soul.

That's why people in your close environment are increasingly distant and you're losing friends before you know it. But it's nothing too serious just yet, Geminis.

We've all been there: we focus our energy into a certain job or project, and we give up the rest. And of course, other people have their own lives too, and you can't expect them to be at your beck and call.


It's an urgent necessity that you double your efforts to take care of your eyesight, Geminis. Even if it looks like everything's in order, you've been neglecting certain areas in your health that need daily care. You might get in trouble because of it.

Your eyesight is one of those areas. If you work in computer science or spend long hours in front of the computer screen, your eyesight will gradually get worse until medical problems come around. You need special glasses with protection against the negative effects of the computer screen.

Also, try not to force your sight (for example, by reading under dim lights) and go see an eye doctor to get a full check-up and rule out serious issues.

You might need some sort of lenses, and it's always best to prevent issues before you have to actually get them repaired, Geminis.