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Gemini Daily Horoscope for December 17

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Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



An excessively passionate relationship could bring some harmful imbalance for your permanent emotional frailty. However, finding individuals who can make you calm and give you some depth will be highly beneficial.

On the other hand, learning to say no while always trying not to hurt others will save you from trouble. Sometimes you try not to hurt anyone, but end up being even more hurtful than you thought.

Today you can have great communication with your friends, convey your ideas and your feelings to find that much needed support for your choices.


Organisational skills and planning will help you to deal with that sudden workload. Analysing situations and finding solutions from a calm and collected point of view will give you a boost to reach success quickly and safely.

Also, today you'll have to face a constant flow of criticism -some of it well-meaning, and some of it not- which will bring your patience and mental strength to the limit. It's up to your ability to use good advice and reject hurtful words to avoid becoming unstable.

When your job is doubted, there might be some accurate opinions; but in any case, it should make you admit that you're not perfect, and you should use it as a positive drive for change.


Not doing anything doesn't mean you're resting, Geminis, because if you're resting with your phone in hand or waiting for your next call or text, you're not fully unplugged. Your body might feel relaxed, but you're actually tense and your brain is still working.

To have some quality rest, you don't need to lock yourselves in in a dark room or enter a state of deep meditative trance. It'll be enough to turn off your phone, stay away from the computer, and have a nice fun time with family or friends.

You could even go for a walk or do some exercise. As surprising as it seems, it'll help you to rest better than spending the whole day on your couch playing videogames. Don't rest a lot, rest better.

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