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Burning passions and demands from the heart could overflow your injured, sullen mood this Saturday, Geminis.

Give priority to peace and quiet, and some room for yourselves only. Avoid clashing with others, especially around your home.

The influence of the stars encourages a day for little activity and lots of thinking. But watch out, Geminis: overthinking things will have negative results today. You're prone to becoming pessimistic and self-destructive, so try not to think too much.


Soon you'll realise that today you're not too much into flourishing frills; your brain isn't working as quickly as usual and you're losing willpower and agility. And just as if this weren't enough, things are going stiff around you and you're not lucky enough.

Changing certain routines and trying to find a lucky break in surprise and improv is a great idea, Geminis. But it'll be even smarter to just accept that you need a day off from time to time.

Your choices for today aren't too good, and before you encounter a sense of disappointment that leads to frustration and ruins your Saturday, you should avoid being obsessed about business or work; take a break.


The stars predict that today there'll be a complex portion of the day, with heavy headaches, a lack of appetite and possibly even nausea and vomit; and a second portion with physical weakness and a low mood. Is it because you went out last night and went too far, Geminis?

To avoid your hangover from ruining the weekend, you should stay optimistic and energetic, and set the goal of turning it around. With a bit of cheering up and a few tips, you'll overcome this.

Attention: the key is to restore your blood flow as soon as possible, and in order to do this you need to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and juice to get your sugar going back on. Avoid your morning coffee and replace it wtih a mint or milk thistle tea.

Eating bananas will help you fight acidity and relax your blood vessels to avoid nausea. Stay away from fatty foods. Fruit will give you vitamins, and vegetables will cleanse your liver.

Cheer up, Geminis! A positive mind and sleeping well and enough will be your best weapons against hangovers.