Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Regarding love, Geminis, you have to get ready for one of the most intense days you could experience lately.

If you're Geminis who have just started getting to know someone, you'll see things taking an interesting and positive turn. Be patient and boost the good side of your partner.

If you've been long in a relationship and you had a rocky time lately, it's time to bury the hatchet and love each other passionately again.

If you're single, don't think twice: give up your doubt and go out to find love. It's out there, waiting for you...


Today you should go to work with your alert up, and pay close attention to people around you. If you're about to take up a project, keep in mind that one of the most essential components is who you bring into your team.

In some way, today there's well-meaning, brilliant individuals who'll cross paths with you and are part of the kind of opportunities you need to take on board. But there's also wolves lurking in the shadows and you need to find them out to stop them from ruining your business or making your working life miserable.

Try to be honest to yourselves as much as with others. It'll be up to your ability to analyse your environment, in order to take chances and get rid of dangers.


The stars will encourage you to enjoy life a little more and care about your health a little less. Generally, you have a healthy body. If you were expecting the results of an anemia check-up, you'll see that your iron levels have gone up.

Your inner organs are increasing the speed of their cell regeneration, so any issues regarding your kidneys, liver, lungs and such are getting better and better every time. If you were waiting for analysis results, you will also get good news about that.

As far as tiredness is concerned, you're still kind of battling it, but little by little you're getting to the balanced point you needed to sleep longer and wake up fresher.

You need to continue with your mental relaxation exercises, your meditation and breathing control.